Electronics Resources - Dig in, stretch out, and learn some things!

Impedance - what is it and why does it do all those terrible things to you?

Dirty Tricks you might find inside some effects and amps

Just starting out? Hah! Dig this! 

How It Works - a beginner's guide to understanding what electronics is about.

More basic electronics info that I could ever type out---

The best truly basic info I've found so far -  Graham Knott's Electronics for Beginners

Tom Engdahl's Basic Electonics page - a massive reference page that explains components, markings, soldering and more that you've wondered about yet. Here are a few of the topics more pertinent to effects:

Basic circuits  
Analogue electronics  
Protecting ideas
Electronics symbols  
Component information  
Component markings explained  
Electronics construction
Electronics design  
Component handling  
Circuit board design and making  

These sites have even more links to other sites with basic electronics info as well. Go surfin'! Next time you will be answering that beginner's question!