Board Parts Kits for making DIY effects

For people who would rather have all the electronics parts ready to solder on to a printed circuit board. Lots of folks want to make their own effects, but don't have either the time or a good source of supply for the proper parts even with the aid of an iron on toner sheet or ready to solder printed circuit board. To help with this, I provide pre-packages parts to solder onto the PCB some effects I've made for myself.

Board Parts Kits

A Board Parts Kit contains the resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. that are soldered into the matching board to make a working board. The kits include control pots in most cases. It is the companion to the Ready To Solder printed circuit board. The Board Parts Kit for a given PCB is really an accessory for the matching PCB. To have a complete, finished effect, you will need to either buy or make (i.e. with a toner transfer package) the matching PCB, and buy a box to put the thing in, input and output jacks, a stomp switch for bypass, wire to connect the board to the controls and jacks. You will also have to drill, paint, and finish your own box.

Each Board Parts Kit is a matching partner to the Ready To Solder PCB; the RTS PCB package includes full documentation for how to complete the effect, including parts list, suppliers for parts, how it works, schematic, parts placement on the board, and wiring diagram for hooking up switches, jacks, controls, etc. The Board Parts Kit is the bag of matching parts to use.

It's worth noting that these are not basic beginner Heathkit type kits - that is, if you don't know a resistor from a capacitor from a transistor, the included documentation will not teach you this as you go. Some basic electronics knowledge is assumed. If you don't already have some electronics skills, you'll need to do some learning. I recommend the beginner links you can find in the Electronics section of GEO.

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