Getting brand new effects running

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The hard thing about new effects is that since they've never worked, there are often several mistakes or flaws, and worse yet, the more of a beginner you are, the more flaws you're likely to have, and consequently the more debugging skill this may need. It's a frustrating circle. At least with an older effect you're fixing, it's likely to only have one major flaw, since it used to work.

If you follow this set of steps, you will be able to filter out almost all of the bugs you can run into. If it seems a lot of work, remember that you're making up in doing individual steps what you may not have in experience. As your experience grows, you'll start knowing what to do to skip steps that your new-found experience tells you is not necessary. Remember that you may have to fix more than one problem. Just do it in order, getting one problem fixed and going to the next. At the end, it will work.

Pick out your symptom:

Works fine before mounting in box, then dies.

Doesn't work at all, or something is clearly wrong with the effected signal

Do this in order.