Power Supply Filter Capacitor Problems

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There are a limited number of ways for the power supply filter capacitors to be bad. All of the tests on power filter capacitors must be considered hazardous since they may store deadly amounts of voltage and charge even with the amplifier unplugged.

Any time you suspect power filter capacitors, do the following: With the amplifier unplugged and the chassis open, connect one end of a clip lead to the metallic chassis. Clip the other end of the lead to a 10K 1/2W or larger resistor. Holding the resistor with an insulating piece of material, touch the free end of the resistor to each section of the power filter capacitors for at least 30 seconds. Then:

If you are replacing a multisection can, get a replacement can with multiple sections matching the original before you remove the original capacitor. Once you get it, make yourself a note of the symbol on each terminal of the old capacitor, such as square=1uF/450V, triangle=20uF 450V, etc. and then clip the old terminal with the symbol off the old can. Remove the old can, mount the new one, and use the symbol chart and lugs still on the leads to make sure you connect the right sections up in the new capactor.